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Jmalpica wrote:I think the shower screen is somekind of OK but I wanted to use something like an IMS or so but they appear to be su much more taller than this one. Regarding the portafilter, I think it's OK too, just some cafiza to release all the oil
The pop up shower screens usually can't be changed to an E61 style one. You can always find a cheap or used E61 one to try. Your portafilter gasket is the flat style so there's a possibility they'll fit.
The pop up style works great though. They just require a bit more work when it comes to cleaning. Hence why I suggested getting a puck screen.

If the chrome finish inside your portafilter is gone, I'd suggest converting the original PF to bottomless.
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And to convert it to bottomless I suppose I have to cut through it??? Any puck screen worth getting??


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You can do it with a hole saw and a hand drill or a press drill if you have access to one. Do a search on HB. Lots of detailed topics on this. No special skills required ;)

I tried both the waffle (flair 58) style and thin the coffee-sensor one. I get more consistent results with the coffee-sensor puck screen on my 58mm lever group. Others have had great success with the flair 58. As long as you get something that fits exactly your basket inner diameter, you'll be fine.
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