General Discussion: Olympia Cremina Piston Pressure Gauge (and 1993-2010 options?)

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Hi all, I found the two below old topics regarding piston pressure gauges for the Cremina. Seems like a popular option thanks to Gabor and his hard work. I am interested in your thoughts on the need for a piston pressure gauge on the Cremina. It appears Gabor's won't work for the 1993-2010 Creminas, per the ranges specified on his site ... sure-kits/ for the kits. Does anyone have experience using Gabor's kit (or others) in this "incompatible" year range?

Coming from the Flair with gauge kit, we naturally wonder how necessary and/or helpful this functionality is. For those that have the piston gauge, do you use it all the time like "I don't know how I lived without this!" or is it more like, eh fun to play with?

Open to discussion related to any type of piston gauge or upgrade that can assist likewise. We do not own a Cremina yet but hope to join the cul- CLUB soon!


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