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What grease did you use to lube the teeth, and does that mechanism touch water/coffee? Would be handy to know if I come across anything like that in the future. I use FM222 for mixer and grinder gearboxes, it's rated for incidental food contact (though I have no plans to spread it on toast anytime soon), and I would like to know if you use anything better.

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I use Kynetx - Food Grade Grease, White, NSF H1, NLGI #2 (MD FG26), 14 Oz Cartridge, although it is currently out of stock for the single tube. I've used it on all of my machines to good use so far. It was discovered by the late Old Nuc/Rich.

Anything where the Kynetx grease is used should not normally be in contact with brew water, and for the piston seals and valve seals I use Loxeal-4 or Dow 111
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