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sheedapistawl (original poster)

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disclosure - 100% of my posts here are being guided by Oiman and Shotwell :P

but to keep our spectators entertained, this is the spring and gasket stack. No wonder shots tasted like !@#@!#!.

strap wrench works surprisingly well!! saved me $150 to not get a 80mm wrench haha

mystery solved...spring rusted :(

pulling gasket stack - is this coffee or rust, probably both...

I was hoping not to do this but looks like I will need to.... replace gaskets and spring...

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Yummy looking grease! Up to date on your Tetanus shot? :lol:

sheedapistawl (original poster)

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I had to spit out the coffee and rinse every shot it was so bad and no surprise once the group was open why...

Gasket stack, spring and a few other parts on order, I need to find a way to manage the spring in and out of the group... on the good news side, no issues with the boiler it seems (no leaks and such)


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The Gaggia machine is already in what loos like extremely good condition, inside and out! You have a beautiful looking machine. I hope that the espresso is just as excellent!