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#1: Post by cafedeltorero »

I bought a Caravel machine from Francesco a couple of years ago. Recently, I asked him for his help to sell the machine, because I was moving out from the place where I had the 220v current (I'm in Mexico), and he was most helpful with this project. He worked hard in restoring the machine and show it through his web page, and today he transferred the funds from the sale, basically without charging me any commission. Grazie Francesco!!

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#2: Post by Marcelnl »

That is wonderful! Francesco is a great guy to work with, his passion for and knowledge about vintage levers is second to none!
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Freddy Camacho

#3: Post by Freddy Camacho »

Another huge fan and supporter of francesco.


#4: Post by Amberale »

Another Francesco fan here DownUnder.
He helped me get a Baby back on the bench and kit to refurb my old Atomic.


#5: Post by NicoNYC »

Damn, that must be the Caravel I've been emailing him about. Looks like I was too slow to the draw, so it's back to scouring

John Michael Hauck

#6: Post by John Michael Hauck »

On a whim, I asked Francesco Ceccarelli to narrate a video, using his own words, to describe the La Pavoni Europiccola. He did! He also gave me permission to publish it. I created the CAD render video to match. This is the result.

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#7: Post by Nick111 »

Great work.Thank you.