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#1: Post by macaber8 »

Lately, I am running out of things to try out. So back to the force tamper again:
Does anyone know what is this diameter of 54mm model exactly?

Any input is appreciated.


#2: Post by Cuprajake »

I'm not sure if there are two models of the tamper

Or if you fit the 54mm head to a 58mm body like I had too

If it's the same as I did then the tamper doesn't fit the basket


#3: Post by Amberale »

I think it is adaptable, just.
The top plate is really just for leveling mainly and centering as a secondary.
I think there is enough meat in the top plate to machine away most of the raised lip and, if necessary some of the outer and inner face of the top plate to fit into the IMS comp basket I have.
It wont seat as securely as the standard tamper in a 58mm but I reckon it will work.
I am waiting to see how the stock tamper looks before I tamper with the tamper. :D


#4: Post by Cuprajake »

from owning one i think you will be on the limits if you take away much of that lip, its not wide to start with, but we have had this conversation before lol

macaber8 (original poster)

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thanks folks.

I will place an order and will let you know the exact dimension and how it goes.


#6: Post by Amberale »

Yes we have. :D

If necessary, I plan on removing the ridge, machining a plate/washer with an appropriately sized ridge and then attaching that to the original with a couple of grub screws.

macaber8 (original poster)

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So I bought a 54mm version of the force tamper: ... f9840&th=1

The bottom measures exactly 54.01mm. This tamper fits in ISM B66 Basket, OOTB baskets for ACS EVO Leva, and 55mm Billet Basket. It works like a charm.


#8: Post by Primacog replying to macaber8 »

Does it fit the vesuvius evo standard basket exactly? As in no gaps between the basket edge and the tamper diameter that would cause coffee dust to be caught up in when u rotate the tamper after depressing it onto the puck?
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#9: Post by bakafish »

I use 54.9mm tamper for my IMS B66 basket.


#10: Post by Cuprajake »

How does the top fit that levels the tamp