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#551: Post by malling »

You can do 2min if you want, but I usually take longer as I take care in my routine.

But honestly it's not really a back to back machine, it can be done, but honestly I would not want to bother with more then 3 shots. If this was a requirement I would certainly have a pump machine to back it up!


#552: Post by MCal2003 » replying to malling »

Yes. Sold the HX/E61 vibe pumper couple decades ago. About the same time frame I went from more than full time to less than full time at work. Retired now. Even more mornings with more time to enjoy coffee. Enjoy the pace and process of manual lever machines. This morning I let the timer run on until resetting for the next shot. 4-5 minutes per pull. I guess I'm slower than slow.

Espresso, to press or express out coffee. Not a fast sequence of shots.
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#553: Post by renatoa »

Where is the zen in using a lever if we we are against the clock... :?


#554: Post by boren »

There's no zen when hosting...


#555: Post by boren »

I got my Flair 58 today and it's a lot fun to use, with initial results already pretty good. I think it should definitely work for back-to-back shots, with the only possible hold up being cleaning the puck-screen between shots. Is this really needed? If so, maybe having a few additional puck-screens would streamline the flow.

Also related, with my previous machine I really liked using a thin 0.2mm puck-screen (sold on sites like bluestarcoffee.eu and coffee-sensor.com). I liked that it didn't reduce the amount of coffee I could put into the basket, and that it was easier to clean compared to weave pattern puck-screens like the one that comes with the Flair 58. I expect it to also have less impact on brew temperature if it's cold (not left to preheat), because of the lower mass. Has anyone tried using a thin puck-screen with the Flair? Any downsides compared to the original one?


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I certainly think it's back-to-back capable. The biggest limiter is grind speed between shots I think. If I had an electric grinder I would probably ditch the puck screen at which point I don't see how it's different from a pump machine. Might be a bit slower since you gotta LPS the water, but if you use the older model with dispersion screen and no puck screen I don't get why the Flair would be the limiter


#557: Post by MCal2003 »

Using either the stock Flair or aftermarket generic model screens. Similar thickness. Only dosing 16gm in either the stock std. Flair basket or 16-18gm IMS. Plenty of head space with the screen. Don't really notice any quality or taste differences between the screens. No side by side taste testing. Prior to first shot I do run couple empty pulls to preheat the basket and screen. Screen cools off too fast to retain any heat by the time I load the basket.

New 58.5mm tamper base. Ancient RegBarber 58mm is a tad too small for the IMS and stock std. Flair baskets. Not critically small, but small. AMZ generic 58.5mm marketed as "Made in USA", RegBarber replacement 304 stainless steel. Initial impressions are positive. JMHO, good value for ~$35.
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#558: Post by boren »

Added a piece of pine wood to elevate the scale and a shot mirror. Much better now!


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boren wrote:Added a piece of pine wood to elevate the scale and a shot mirror. Much better now!

My scale with an auto timer is bit too large to fit inside the base. Was thinking of diy a similar solution. Make use of the bits and pieces sitting around. Have a chunk of butternut and a few ounces of satin marine varnish. Winter project. Right now it's bend over to eyeball the portafilter and use my dollar store $1 timer.

Looks like you received a 58 with the straight handle. I emailed Flair about the handle. Their response was a video work around and note that some are shipping with straight and others with the slanted handle. Broke out the wood carving tools. Cut ~1-2cm off and rasped in a beveled heel. It now just clears the lever arm when in the down position. They noted that under "accessories" the slanted portafilter are available, but one should specifically note in your order that's the style you want.

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Temperature "surfing". Maybe a waste of time? I'm lazy, not that coffee nerdy. Prefer keeping things simple and semi-thoughtless. Sign of aging?Normally for most of my "darker FC+" roasts. That is, beans roasted to ~10 seconds into the 2nd crack. Prefer setting the temp. to medium. But with exception of the first shot. That one is pulled with the temp. set at high. This AM the coffee selected were roasted to C+/FC. Roasted into the latent period between 1st crack/ 1st pop of the 2nd crack. Turns out I like the taste profile from the 2nd pull and on at the medium temp setting.

All you Flair 58 users. Experiences with different temperatures for the same beans?
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