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I am a brand new Flair user and this came with my machine with no instructions. How exactly does it work and what is its use:?:

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As you use the F58, the plunger assembly will start to rotate in the housing. If you don't reset it every so often, eventually it will rotate 90 degrees and the piston will disengage (see below). The purpose of the plunger key is to allow you to rotate the plunger back to being perpendicular to the piston assembly. See here for an example of doing it without the key: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5Kh4RPOCqc With the key you lift the lever, put the key into the plunger slots and rotate the plunger without having to disassemble anything.



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Thank you very much! :D Wish this was included in my box... :cry:


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$5 out of stock accessory :( .
Plastic or metal?
Thinking an easy diy to fabricate out of a chunk of wood and some wood dowels. Rainy day project. Or just use the tabs on the plunger assembly to rotate back to correct position.

The plunger rotation seems to be common issue. Flair should include it as a stock part.
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It's interesting that his products never run out of bugs. Reminding me to Microsoft products, just that they are indeed extremely complex, so let's say it's understandable, while here, it's several simple pieces put together ...


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i don't have a Flair, but it looks like that part could be 3D printed.. Wonder if this would work on new Flair?
https://www.printables.com/model/256383 ... ent-wrench

Will this work on latest Flair? Then get a friend with a printer to make you one. (I'd make from PETG)