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vit wrote:Higher distance between seals does reduce forces that try turning the piston and cause self breaking effect, which increases the force on lhe lever needed for given pressure. Unfortunately not much. Moment produced by these forces would be zero in case linkage element is attached in the middle between upper and lower seal - like in Strietman I think. Obviously constructors of Strietman were knowledgeable in mechanics, unlike here where it looks like development is working on try and fail principle

I'm a bit sad that - this is a great machine in most parts, but the construction of linkage between lever and piston is at the quality/functional level od Chinese lowest grade products made something like 40 years ago ... I expect this will become really mature product in something like 20 years with this tempo of development, when it will cost about the same or more than Strietman ...
I am no engineer so I prefer not engaging since I simply don't have enough scientific knowledge on this matter.

2 quick comments about Flair:

1. They are quite good at listening, acknowledging and coming up with upgrades and design changes. Yes it could be a commercial strategy and I understand that some may prefer a perfected product when V1 is ready to launch but I personally much prefer Flair's moto vs let's say La Pavoni who refuses to find solutions for long lasting flaws. I say this even though I'm a big La Pavoni fan boy.

2. As others have mentioned, the plunger/lever sudden drop doesn't affect me much. It's there but it's very minimal for me. While it's clear that it affects some units and owners to various degrees, it's also doesn't seem to be a big issue nor concern on the various platforms focusing on the Flair58.
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I agree with all of that. It's just that ... some parts should be made better, on par with other parts ... on one side we have really nice looking machine with lots of well made parts, on the other side, some parts look quite cheap

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FYI; I ping'd Andrew on EAF about when the updated piston would be available as an upgrade for current owners. He's thinking 6-12 months.


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From this video, it looks like the newer plunger and piston design has corrected the plunger shift / sudden pressure drop.

https://www.facebook.com/reel/120525238 ... WDuG2&fs=e
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Perhaps. I only see the pressure drop after 40g shots.


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FWIW, I'm a LONGTIME lever owner and enthusiast. Generally, declining pressure in a lever shot...especially via spring is expected...but NOT the mid shot burp/hic-up!
IMO not so humble opinion, there is zero reason you should be using the basket you are using. Get the straight walled one. You have a Niche...I know it well as a former owner for 2+ years. You will experience better, more consistent shots that way. Best of luck!!