Finally a 49mm distribution tool (Cremina, La Pavoni) is available again.

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#1: Post by Tonefish »

After watching for these for over a year, there's finally a nice "49mm" distribution tool available. This one is really nice with the zebrawood too! Here is a link. They also have a walnut one for a little cheaper.

I just bought one so I can't comment on it yet, but I've bought several other items from this guy over the years and all have been good stuff.
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#2: Post by yakster »

Looks like he also sells a 51 mm version for the La Pavoni Millennium group, Faema Faemina, etc. here.

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#3: Post by MASONMAN »

I bought one of these a few weeks ago and really like it. Very high quality and noticeable improvement in shots with less channeling. Recommended.


#4: Post by 3cordcreations »

I have a few items from Creative Werk and they are all nice. I don't know that he actually makes the bases for the stainless tampers and grooming tools but the wood handles he does.
I also bought the stainless lever pins and they work well and look nicer imo.
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#5: Post by guijan12 »

Interesting, thanks for the link. :D
Bit expensive, though... :oops:



#6: Post by Dev »

I have one also. It makes a big difference on how it extracts and I like that its 49.5mm and not just a generic 49mm.
I also bought the other items from Max and they are all nice pieces especially the steam tip which seems to be giving me great control of achieving micro foam.

I contacted Max on EBay and he was also able to customize some wood handles for me which made them look exactly like the original vintage handles for my Cremina.

I hope he makes more items.


#7: Post by pcrussell50 »

Been using grooming tools for my 58mm machine and will never go back. I have a both 49 and a 51mm Pavoni. I'm not interested in nice handles, but I am interested in good fitting bases. Is Max the go-to guy here even if not interested in fancy handles?

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#8: Post by Tonefish »

guijan12 wrote:Interesting, thanks for the link. :D
Bit expensive, though... :oops:
Sure thing!

BTW The only other one I've ever seen available here was the one made by Kafatek, which I have been using for years. I just needed another one since I keep the LP in the motorhome and have been waiting for one for sale. This one is the same price as the Kafatek one except it has a wooden handled versus the knurled, anodized Al handle on the Kafatek one. Those haven't been available for quite some time, so as far as I know this is an uber-unique opportunity for those using the "49mm" equipment here in the states. ( I believe the only other one available in the world was made in Eastern Europe and the shipping was exorbitant.)

Also, I just received this one and the leveler part that contacts the coffee looks identical to the Kafatek one. The wood is really nice.

The 58mm ones are very prevalent so there are lots of more affordable alternatives. There just aren't choices for theser "49mm" ones so they are unfortunately more expensive as they are small builds.
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#9: Post by toolate »

Do you all find that thee levelers work even if using a WDT ?
is the difference noticeable?


#10: Post by pcrussell50 » replying to toolate »

Even with WDT, you have to at least tamp or use a leveler. I don't do both. I don't tamp any more. I just use a leveler. It grooms the bed smooth and provides more than enough compression, making tamping superfluous if set the depth to the right headspace for your machine.

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