Fellini Move on the Ponte Vecchio Lusso 2, breaking the puck at the second pull

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Since 2 weeks I'm the happy owner of a Ponte Vecchio Lusso 2. I'm still discovering the in's & out's of the machine and by reading all the comments on lever machines and, more specific the PV Lusso, I'm not anywhere near mastering it and achieving the 'perfect shot'. Despite that, I'm enjoying my coffees already very much. Apparently the PV is indeed very forgiving!

I can pose all sorts of questions about grind, dose, shot time, and brewratio but I would like to start with a question about the 'Fellini-move':
My dose is at the moment between 11 and 13 gram's. When I pull the lever completely down for a second time (or when it's halfway) I hear a slight puff in the brew head at the end of the move. After that the coffee shortly flows quicker and when I let lose of the lever the flow is in control again.
I've got the feeling that I break the puck this way, although afterwards the puck looks OK. I do think the Fellini move is necessary to get enough volume, although the brew ratio is a maybe little bit too big at the moment (1/2,5-3). Can anyone fill me in on this?
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I use to own a PV Lusso and I have performed the "Fellini" or 1.5 pull on many other lever machines.

The challenge is that if you wait to late during the extraction to refill the chamber, the puck has already lost some integrity and can no longer withstand the disturbance of the 2nd pull nor the water being push through it for the 2nd time.

My preferred method is:
Lower the lever for a 5 to 10 second preinfusion
Slowly lift till catch point
Hold there until the bottom of the basket is fully saturated with coffee beads or until you have a small amount of coffee in your cup
Lower the lever again to refill the chamber
Release for a "normal" extraction

If you add a puck screen, it really helps with those lever manipulations. It also helps keeping the shower screen, piston and bore clean. I use for myself a mesh Aeropress puck screen that I cut to size. They are available for next to nothing on amazon.
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Thanks! I'm going to give it a try
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