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Interesting contrabass - I've played a couple contrabass clarinets but have never seen one like that! But there's a scale issue that isn't obvious from the picture - even the Bb contrabass is a pretty slender instrument, for its size. I can't remember, couldn't be more than 3 cm (inside diameter)?

But that thing in the clip is not a real instrument. The rods & levers have been removed from the saxophone bell, leaving purely ornamental keys, and I didn't see any keywork at all on the body where there ought to be lots.

If that doesn't convince you, look at the joint between the saxophone bell and the pole. A real woodwind like that with a metal bell will have a corked tenon joint there, allowing the player to remove the bell for storage in the case. The movie artifact's bell was just fixed onto the pole, the joint isn't long enough for any tenon.

But I'm sure the espresso machine in the background is operated with fastidious attention to common practice in the real world!

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It's a fart horn.

It's the very symbol of obtuseness....of a stolid mentality of those relationships in an orchestra, that inhibit any sort of contact.
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