Faemina Baby piston replacement, stuck pin

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Hi everyone!

I've had a Faemina Baby for probably 6-8 years with a shrunken seal so I've never successfully made coffee with it. I almost sold it years ago but it's so cute I just kept it for decoration.

Well, it's time to put it to work! I ordered a new piston adapter Gabor in Hungary (naked portafilter) and he ships fast! Ordered Sunday night and here by Wednesday.

Anyways, I am having trouble removing the pin from the top that holds the arms. I took off the rusted c-clips without breaking them but the pin is stuck. I tried putting some lever pin oil I got from OE years ago and tried to grab it with locking pliers but ended up warping the pin and chipping some paint.

Also tried to whack at it with a rubber mallet (bought one years ago and finally used it lol) but it won't budge.

Any tips?

Ps. I tried to remove the piston with the arms in, but the screw won't come out fully since it runs into the piston walls :(
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#2: Post by Amberale »

Is the pin sticking on one of the arms or the body?
I am guessing the body.
Is it stuck on both sides(hard to tell).

If you have access to a large vice, drill a 1/2" hole in a piece of softwood.
Place the stuck side against the hole in the wood and put the whole thing in the vice and slowly close the vice.
You will need someone to hold the baby and someone to turn the vice.
The pin protrudes about 3 mm and if you can move it that far it should loosen up.
If that is not enough use a short piece of timber dowel to push it through as above.

Be very careful if you do this as the arms are loose on the pin and it would be possible to fracture the upper body.

Use "Bolt Off", "Rost Off", WD40 or some such for at least a day.
Try soaking the top in a jug off boiling water for a few minutes before trying to remove the pin, it might just expand the hole more than the pin.

If all that is beyond you, any engineering shop should pop it out in a few minutes.
I have Gabor's piston kit and it is very good.

Good Luck

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beer&mathematics (original poster)

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Thanks Craig! Unfortunately I have no vice since I'm still in a tiny apartment.

I'll try the warm water bath tomorrow and then the wd40 (get some at a store).

I always get stuck on searingly simple jobs :cry:
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You can do something similar with a "G-clamp" , cheap from a hardware store.
Seriously though, your Baby is a classic and well worth a few bucks to a good engineering workshop to fix.
Try the lubes and heat first but a good shop will fix it in minutes and make you a new pin if you need it.

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beer&mathematics (original poster)

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Thanks! I think I'll call up a local espresso repair shop and get this sorted.
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