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As in the topic below a couple of people already thought about producing a replacement portafilter for the Faema Faemina
Faema Faemina Portafilter Solution

I always wanted a bottomless portafilter form my Feamina so I started modeling one and I had a couple of questions about common handle sizes and mounting techniques. Is it common to just have a threaded M10 hole in the portafilter for mounting the handle? If not what would be the best way to mount it?
I was planing on producing a sample patch out of chrome plated brass and/or stainless steal. I am aware that there is one available at http://www.francescoceccarelli.eu/ but the price is a little bit to steep. I would be open to input and also to make the designs/sample from the production run available if there is interest.

This i currently what I have drawn up:


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Think most owners of a F.Faemina would like to see a handle that mimics the original in order to match the other handles and knobs on the machine. Black was the most prevalent but I've also seen rare brown/reddish colour. Small volume forging / machining can get expensive from my experience. Look forward to your project.
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series one had the brown bakelite handle (still looking for the brown handle), all the others were using black but there are two versions of the handle shape (2nd and 3rd gen).

Considering the probability that only very low amount of folks are interested in using a bottomless PF on a Faemina and knowing it's a size that'll only fit the Faemina I don't think Francesco's version is that expensive.
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Francisco's price is very reasonable given it comes with a Faemina style handle and this is still a rare device. If you want to save money buy a used PF and drill it out.

A run of chrome is going to cost $40 at the cheapest shop for 1 part. For a small lot probably 90-200.. given the price of brass nowadays might as well do it out of stainless and skip the chrome. You can still polish it to shine stick it in a red rouge media and tumble or polish with wheel.

You can save some.money with material and ops by having the stem be disconnected instead of part of the pf then you can turn most of the features then put it in a mill to finish it.

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used Faemina PF go for top dollars these days...saw one for 175...third gen handle for 25.
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Thats exactly the problem. This is why I wanted to do the bottomless as a cheap test run, and the go on to design single and double spout versions for the Faemina. The bottomless stainless steel cost me at the moment 80$ for a small run, the only concern I have with stainless steal is that it could damage the group head since it is made from a softer metal (presumable bras/aluminum). Bras with chrome runs me around 100$ for a small run(which makes it hardly worth it) . Regarding the handle mount: Since the orig. Faemina mount is not exactly economically producible, I was thinking about adding a 12M thread to the portafilter and a handle like this https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/Un ... -2752.aspx.
Are there any reproductions of the single/double spout 1st,2nd,3rd series available?