Faema Faemina bent shaft

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Hi everyone

I have acquired a faemina with a bent shaft. Base seems OK. Likely bent from ship or dropping I suspect.

Is the shaft held in by a small screw at the base and one at the top of the boiler and just press fit? Reading on here, the shaft is near impossible to remove.

I was thinking of using a car jack with some wood at the group and base for support and just jacking the boiler straight (see attached pic)

Or am I setting myself up for disaster


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I'm not familiar with your machine, but it looks like the shaft is made of steel and the base and tank it is connected to are made of some aluminum alloy. So I doubt the shaft is bent and more likely the bend occurred at the weaker alloy joint (looks like at the upper section).

That's assuming the shaft is supposed to be vertical, which I don't know. I also suspect if you try to Jack it up like that there's a good chance the alloy will crack. Applying heat might allow some bending of the base part without cracking, depending on what the alloy is. Others may know for sure.

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This doesnt look good. I agree, if you try the thing with the car jack, you might crack the aluminium parts.

A google search leads to this thread for further infomation:
Faema Faemina, bent base? Need advice!!

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The base of the Faemina is cast aluminium but the boiler is cast brass with chrome plate. The base of the boiler has a cover that is thin chromed steel (the part that covers the element terminals and has the black plastic tamper attached to it) this has no strength and you couldn't push against it.
Definitely disassemble the machine and look for the part that is bent rather than just trying to bend the whole thing in the opposite direction. using the jack I would bet you'd crack the base casting before anything else.

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Thanks everyone

I'll try to get the base off first. Seems like the attachment to the boiler is next to impossible to remove

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Hi there,

I have one that is similarly bent that I haven't got around to fixing yet. To remove the shaft, you need to knock out the cross pins with a punch. I would heat the base - it's aluminum so will expand faster than the steel shaft. Add copious quantities of a penetrating fluid, like Kroil or PB Blaster, then press it out from underneath (you'll need some sort of press for this.) You might be able to tap it out from the bottom if it's not too stuck, especially with heat.

To remove the shaft from the boiler, you need to clamp the boiler in a large, soft jawed / padded vice, then heat (brass also expands faster than steel) with more penetrating fluid and a slide hammer on the shaft.

Depending on which bit is bent, you might have to bore and sleeve the hole in the base and boiler and/or make a new shaft. Neither should be expensive jobs for a machine shop - it's probably an hour or so work and a little bit for materials.

Good luck - I should really get going on mine!

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Here's a pic of my poor, hunch-backed little character. When I get around to pulling the shaft out of the boiler on this, I'll remove the heater elements so I can get a decent land on the casting to clamp it.