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Postby Ron » Jul 14, 2019, 5:26 pm

beer&mathematics wrote:What a simple solution! Can't believe I never tried this. Hope I can get my Baby to make espresso soon.

You can see the power of leverage. With a 1/8" o-ring I can barely get the piston into the portafilter, but using the levers it's not hard at all. Check on whether you can use the 1/8" thickness or if you need a little thinner 3/16".


Postby Ron » Jul 14, 2019, 11:04 pm

By the way, I was curious about other people who used an o-ring as a substitute for the Faemina Baby seal and I found a 2016 post from the HB website:
Lever Espresso Machine Gallery

The main difference compared to my solution is that this one appears to take the original seal off and put the o-ring in the piston groove. But, the o-ring did not fit the groove and the person used a lathe to modify the groove, as I understand it. I would not like to modify the metal on the piston. If you could find an o-ring that could fit directly into the metal groove as is, it would be an alternative to putting the o-ring on top of the old seal, as I have done. Since I'm getting pretty good pressure and I'm able to make espresso, I think I'll leave well enough alone, unless I can get a new seal like the original.

I heard about ordering a custom-made seal like the original and a group buy a few years ago. Is anyone interested in doing this again or does anyone know a company that can duplicate the original seal?


Postby Ron » Jul 15, 2019, 1:47 pm

Using my 1/8" extra o-ring I just pulled one my best espressos ever on the Faemina Baby. I used 18 grams of freshly roasted Brazil Minas, imported green by the Bosnian company Vispak. I pulled the cup away when the crema was quite good but the volume was in the ristretto area. Taste really came through; the only downside was a much stronger caffeine reaction in a very short time. If I do this again, I'll probably dose 15 grams or so. I always do 18 grams on my HX machine and don't feel the caffeine as much. Maybe the Baby has superior extraction. I got the portafilter and filter as hot as possible in boiling water first.

If anyone is interested in the Brazil Minas I used, you can order it here (green, unroasted):


Walmart briefly had it available from one of their online shops for half-price and I loaded up, but that offer's gone. Anyway, it's not that expensive for a kilo bag.