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homeburrero wrote:When it comes time to wire this back up, be aware that in 1980 - 1984 they used an odd wiring, described here: La Pavoni Professional - Weird Wiring . That thread has pictures and discussion that help make that wiring clear.

If you prefer you can use their newer wiring schema, which I think is more straightforward and makes use of that DPST power switch in the standard way: La Pavoni Professional Wiring Diagram

This newer wiring is also represented in a realistic model at the very end of John Hauck's video here: Switches & Wiring Over the Years - La Pavoni Lever Espresso Machines

Hi Pat, apologies for my late reply! I wanted to hop on to say thank you for the information you have shared with me! I have yet had the time to proceed any further than to deal with the rust issue with the base. All the rust and original paint have been sand blasted and I slapped a coat of rust-o-leum paint on it.

I also ordered the entire gasket kit and hope to re-assemble the unit soon. I will try to descale the element upside down in a bowl of vinegar water (without getting the other side wet) and see if I can get the gasket off and clear that pstat hole!

Thank you for the wiring links you included Will take some time to study it when I get to that part of the project! I am trying to break this one step at a time so I don't feel so overwhelm about the whole project !

Just want to say thanks again to you and everyone else who have taken the time to assist me on this project!! I am sure this will not be the last post of this thread! :P