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Hello and thank you for all the great info on the forum.
I recently bought a used Forge, DC area, in great condition but I am unable to get any pressure build up in the chamber and I can push down to drive water through very easily. The seals are good and the previous owner told me he had checked them for me. I am using La Vazza espresso and the coffee is correctly measured and tamped. I think the grind is fine, at least for getting the machine to operate properly. I have tried multiple baskets.
Any ideas? I just doesn't work and I have no idea why.
Thanks very much. Bill

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Stale coffee won't provide resistance. Buy fresh coffee and grind before brewing. If you can get a pressurized basket for the Espresso Forge you might be able to use that pre-ground coffee, but I don't know that these are available for the Espresso Forge. Do they take standard baskets?

#1 answer to most espresso questions about fast flow asked, your coffee is too old.

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I agree that once you have eliminated the other variables you mentioned, it's very likely the coffee. The most you can do with the coffee you already have is grind finer and/or increase the dose.

If it's preground coffee you are using, then a pressurized basket is the type needed, since a regular basket requires very fine tuning of the grind due to the pressures involved. I had an Espresso Forge, but regardless this is true for any machine using standard baskets. If you don't already have an espresso grinder that can grind fine enough as well as make minute adjustments, then that's the next step to getting that beautiful elixir out of your EF.

(The Espresso Forge does take standard sized baskets.)
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BillS (original poster)

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My Espresso Forge is stamped V2.4 / 309.
I posted awhile back about this and unfortunately I am still having the same issue. At the time the suggestion was use better beans, the freshest beans. I corrected this, and have made multiple adjustments to my process and equipment and it has not made any difference. I have tried everything...let me elaborate.

I purchased a Lido OG grinder from OE. I have tried multiple grind settings with different beans and roasts.
I have replaced the gaskets on the Forge. I have tried different baskets, different amounts of ground espresso, tamping, etc.

Once the Forge is preheated and the basket is secured I am still unable to get a pressure reading over 25PSI and there is very little resistance from the piston as the espresso is made. There is no crema. The resulting puck seems ok. The espresso is not right.
What could be happening? Any ideas? How do I troubleshoot this thing? Could there be an issue with the threads somewhere?
I have a million questions but I think my process is least good enough. I have never heard of anyone having any issues with these. Thanks


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BillS wrote: I have replaced the gaskets on the Forge. I have tried different baskets, different amounts of ground espresso, tamping, etc.
Have you tested it with a blind basket?


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Hey Bill,

Sorry to hear about the trouble and would love to get this fixed asap for you! If it was a thread issue, you would be leaking water and would know immediately - the same goes with the gauge hole threads. Almost every time we hear of an issue of pressure not building, it's remedied by grinding finer with fresh coffee. Sounds like you're using fresh coffee, so I'd recommend cranking that Lido finer than you think to see if that helps. The Espresso Forge naturally pre-infuses as you start pouring water, so it takes a finer grind than many espresso machines. The rule of thumb is that the longer the preinfusion, the finer the grind.

Please email me at so we can get you dialed in!