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Gary S.

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zix wrote:Here is a post on the es3 blog about why he switched from countertop to wall after ES1: ... me&post=31
Yes, but as most people will not re-model their kitchens to suit this design, Wouter is vastly limiting his potential sales (which may or may not be of concern to him :) ).


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Someone should design a wouter-wall, a portable stand that will accommodate one of these things. I've thought about doing something for my Zerowatt. It's a free standing machine but needs to be held down, and if you're not tall enough to put your weight over it, rather awkward to operate. The ES3 might present the same problem to some degree, but if the stand is tall enough, projecting up behind the machine so that you can put one hand on the back "wall" above it, that might be good enough?

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#23: Post by arcus »

I wonder if a speaker stand could be modified to function as the ES3 stand. When they are filled with sand, they are probably heavy enough to provide the counter weight.

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#24: Post by zix »

Absolutely - you see, there are all kinds of fun solutions :)
such a stand could hold your grinder also, if you'd like. Or a separate boiler for steaming milk :) I like the sand weight idea, wood and sand go together nicely. Or you could put shotgun lead inside... more expensive of course.

Or you could screw it (the wood board) flush with the front of a cupboard above the kitchen workbench, and screw a bracket or a diagonal support to the bottom of the same cupboard, straight behind the machine. With a bit of fantasy and lighting you can probably make it look like it's floating in thin air :) oh well...
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#25: Post by wouter »

What a wave of creative solutions for mounting an ES3!
Yes I know putting it on the counter top is so much easier.. though on the wall looks so much nicer.. and works perfect.

And indeed what Mr Leido says is right, I had my reasons to switch to wall mount
zix wrote: Here is a post on the es3 blog about why he switched from countertop to wall after ES1: ... me&post=31
Furthermore I am proud to pronounce that there will be a semi-official HB review about the new ES3 coming up!

Strietman redefines the craft of espresso making

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#26: Post by peacecup »

wouter wrote:Furthermore I am proud to pronounce that there will be a semi-official HB review about the new ES3 coming up!
Shipping from Netherlands to Sweden is much cheaper than to the US. :D

That ES3 is looking brilliant. Here's to a bright future!

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wouter wrote:Furthermore I am proud to pronounce that there will be a semi-official HB review about the new ES3 coming up!
For the record, Chris (yakster) is an HB member and none of Team HB are involved, so it's technically a consumer review, not an official or even semi-official review. On a related note, please review the site policy on Vendor participation in the forums, specifically:
Guidelines for productive online discussion wrote:Forum members who have a financial interest in the topic in question should exercise caution before posting. For example, if you or the company you work for sells the product/service being discussed in a thread, you are welcome to correct factual errors, but should avoid posting opinions, product/service offerings, or critiques of competitive products. The same applies when a competitor's product or service is being discussed in a thread, i.e., you should refrain from offering opinions, alternative product/service offerings, or critiques. Moderators reserve the right to edit statements or delete posts that violate this policy.
I understand this imposes limits on vendor participation, but regrettably it's necessary to stave off an onslaught of commercial posts that would invariably follow without such a policy.
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#28: Post by oofnik »

fransg wrote: ... n-es3.html

About these baskets: they are the same 50mm size as the pre-millennium La Pavoni levers and some of these owners may be thrilled to hear that Strietman has ordered the production of several hundreds of special baskets which have much more precise holes. The VST baskets and their quality prompted him to get a similar rate of precision for his ES3.

He showed us one and we were quick to pre-order a few from him. Since I only have one pre-millennium La Pavoni, I will be able to give a few of those away.

Strietman is fascinated by the fact that so much of the espresso technology is still very close to the level of development of the fifties and sixties. It's charming to have this technology lasting all those years basically unchanged, but it also poses a challenge for some to try and outdo the masters, developing a simple machine that takes some of it all a few steps ahead.
I want! :mrgreen:
Very beautiful pictures of a very beautiful machine. Reminds me of a cool sculpture my brother did a couple years ago made out of scrap metal that cleaned up nicely.

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#29: Post by IMAWriter »

kowalej wrote:Wouter needs to make himself a sexy little tamper to match the rest of that equipment instead of that silly little plastic thing :D.
Perhaps, but in a way it shows how, with a tight little machine like that how somewhat superfluous a tamper can.
I barely tamp anymore, just more a leveling thing.
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fransg (original poster)

#30: Post by fransg (original poster) » ... iting.html

After our visit to Wouter Strietman, he has visited Amsterdam, leaving a demo ES3 model for us to play with the coming weeks.

The tamper that I use for the pre-millennium La Pavoni fits perfectly, as the baskets have the exact same size as well.