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#1: Post by wouter »

Hello there all
Im starting this topic about my new ES2 prototype. Looking forward to hear what you all think of it.
It is only making coffee for some days now, I m still finding the machine out, but one thing is for sure, it is a whole step forward in comparison with the ES1.

It will be a wall-mount machine
The machine is making some serious espresso. But because of the hand lever it can also extract some beautiful light roasted coffee ( filter roasts) when you push at 4/5 bar with a 60 sec extraction on 84 degrees or soo, done that with Jeff from Caffenation Antwerp, worked beautiful.

It has a very small water tank / open boiler, only 150 cc or so. From cold it heats up in 6 minutes, and once it reaches the required temperature it is very stable. I m still tweaking it, but I ve got good hopes I will get to a 3 degrees temperature differential, when the lid is on top. It has an adjustable temperature regulator, which can be set a the required temp.
It uses only 500 watt.

Sorry, I still have to make the will come

As you can see, it is a espresso-only machine. I will work out the steam mechanism from the ES1 later, maybe next year, but that will come as a loose component, which can fit next to the ES2
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#2: Post by Whale »

Wow! Just wow!
I never was a great fan of the aesthetics of the ES1, sorry! :mrgreen: But the elegant simplicity of the ES2 is striking! Love the use of wood, brass and stainless.
Put me in the list of future buyer for sure!

2 suggestions: Run the electrical in the back of the wall board and make the drip tray a simple removable Stainless bowl that is held by a simple hinged frame that can be folded in between the 2 legs. stupid suggestions that you can simply ignore... :mrgreen:
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#3: Post by Bak Ta Lo »

Beautiful! Hope I can see it in Vienna!

Can we get a shot extraction video?
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#4: Post by claypriley »

That is soooooooooooooo Cool!!! Inspirational! Way to go! That makes me want to go out into my garage and start making something......anything...... just makes me want to bend metal, and get a milling machine.....

I can't wait to see more.....Wish I was there.
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#5: Post by dumpshot »

That is pretty exciting. Nice work. I second the request for a shot-pulling video.

Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but have you given any thought to having a 110v version available for the crazy Americans that will want one (me!)?

Congrats on a beautiful design.

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#6: Post by KurtAugust »

I'm sorry you have lost me...
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Randy G.

#7: Post by Randy G. »

I like the retro-industrial look (very steampunk), but the wood backing just doesn't seem to fit. How about:
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#8: Post by Bak Ta Lo »

Wow, Randy! Is that a sample of wall-paper you actually have hung? :)

Show that picture to 100 people, how many would guess that it is an espresso machine?
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#9: Post by sorrentinacoffee »

Brilliant thinking Wouter: take two of the greatest levers of all time- the Faema Velox and the VAM Caravel- reduce them to their absolute essentials and voila- the ES2!

Imagine if you could take it back to 1925 and submit it to the Bauhaus selection committee as your portfolio. You would have been immediately accepted, the machine would have gone into production- and you would have been credited with inventing the modern espresso machine some 25 years early... you could have enjoyed the best years of Weimar Republic and then headed to New York in 1933...

today it would be normal to say, 'Eames, Corbusier, Gropius and Wouter....'

I really like the minimalism and naked materials...

I can't wait to import the first machine to Australia!

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#10: Post by peacecup »

Looks very elegant, although I'd need the counter-top version. Plus I'd like the steam option anyway. It really is going to be a breakthrough machine, and it got the visual design and materials it deserves. A stainless or chrome version would not look at all shabby either. I do like the wood myself - I recently made a lever handle from Swedish birch, and it is really nice.

You'll need to convince me on the basket size, though - I am very attached to the 45-mm Caravel and PonteVecchio baskets. But I'm certainly willing to be proved wrong.

Congrats on one "...giant leap for mankind"

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