Emulating Elektra Micro Casa a Leva pressure profile with manual levers

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I'd like to try to emulate my MCaL pressure profile with the Flair 58. Would this be about right:

1. Pre-infuse with 1 bar of pressure until first drops appear
2. Immediately increase pressure to 6 bar
3. Over the course of about 25 seconds, gradually decrease pressure to 0 bar

Of course this can be further improved and tweaked, but I'd like to start with a baseline profile that's as close as possible to the "classic" MCaL shot.

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After experimenting with this a bit I can say that it does produce a similar result, but with somewhat more crema than the MCaL. Maybe I should decrease pressure quicker in step #3.

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I was thinking that you might want to equalize puck depth between the two, so more coffee in the 58mm basket than the 49mm?

I tried a bit to produce equal shots between my Pavoni and MCaL. I was able to use the same basket and was able to match pre-infusion time, extraction time, and output, while more-or-less matching visual flow rate while watching the Pavoni's extraction pressure gauge. However, different water temperature profiles resulted - after the temperature peak at the beginning of the shot, the MCaL held a fairly constant temperature, and then declined, whereas over the same range the Pavoni's brew temperature declined, and then held a fairly constant temperature.
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I'm currently doing something similar emulating turbo shots from my DE1 using a F58. To help with this I also use a Bluetooth scale and the SEP app to record the F58 shot so I can review it later.

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Interesting. Can you share your recipe for the Turbo shots?

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Turbo Recipe:

Grind: SSP MP burrs at 110-135 microns using light to light-med roasts

Water: GH to taste but KH of 60-80 to offset acidity from light roasts

Dose: 18gr in straight wall F58 basket.

Profile: 5 sec x 5 bar, then 2 sec x 2 bar, then 4 bar with slight decline to end at 36gr out around 20 sec. (Weight flow goal of 3-5 gr/sec toward end of shot with SEP app)

Heat: medium setting on F58 and 95C water from kettle

*Note: this is emulating a shot from a blend I roast for espresso, and I'm trying to match my typical DE1 shot of it, so YMMV.

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Thank you Brewzologist! I'll definitely try this recipe, at least as far as I can follow it. Not all parameters are at my control, e.g. I only have the slanted 18 gram basket and don't have a way to currently control water KH, only PH (I have RO water and potassium bicarbonate). No flat burr grinder at my disposable either.