Embracing Espresso Excellence: A Glowing Review of the Ponte Vecchio Export Lever Espresso Machine - Page 4

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ninjah wrote:Where did you get you Ponte Vecchio Export?

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We have several spring espresso lever machines that we use daily, the PV export, the Pro 800, and the R24, and all produce great espressos.
The PV Export is relatively well build, very reliable, a great value, and produces great classic medium to dark roast espressos daily. To enter the lever world, to be cost effective while simultaneously being able to produce excellent, tasty espressos, based on our experience, I would recommend both a Ponte Vecchio Export and a Niche Zero grinder pairing, and you will never be disappointed.

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I think the contractor supplied low juice wires since my PVL takes one and a half hours to get over the 90º temperature line.

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Could not be that you had a 240V unit by mistake? My unit reads about 70 ohms across the plug when stone cold. This makes about 800W at 240V. It might be something different when hot, but whatever.
If you run the machine at 120V you should read a substantially lower value.
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I will second the pitch for the NIche + Export pairing. Moreover, it fits in the small space available in many European kitchens.

A different note. I have lately experimented with a Peppina basket on the export. This is accomplished by using a 4mm gasket and a bottomless portafilter that has thinner than normal flanges. The Peppina single basket then will seat adequately for pulling shots.

The Peppina basket actually is higher precision than the PV baskets and has smaller holes. It produces a genuinely different taste profile than the stock PV single basket and requires a slightly more coarse grind. The Peppina basket provides greater clarity and separation in taste even using medium roast northern Italian beans. I am not a fan of light roasts and have not tried one with this setup.

My basic coffee will remain a classic Italian bar shot made with a single basket on the PV, but the Peppina basket provides some interesting variety.


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Two questions:
Does anyone have experience with My Espresso Shop -- they seem to be the only folks in the USA that carry Ponte Vecchio?
Between the Lusso (1 or 2 group) and the Export, are there any not obvious advantages to one or the other? Not counting of course the larger reservoir on the Lusso and the more compact footprint of the Export. Anyone using the two group to make back to back shots? My experience in levers is limited to the Cafelat Robot (which I like) and I also have an E61 machine (also like it!)
UPDATE: Has anyone purchased directly from Ponte Vecchio in Italy -- they will apparently sell directly as there is no US distributor. Customs issues? Shipping issues?

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My export has developed a leak coming from the bottom of the boiler.

Any ideas on a fix?


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Not unusual for a leak to develop when the bottom plate joins the boiler. There are four bolts that hold that. The first step is to tighten them slightly when the machine is warm. That works sometimes. If not, a new gasket may be needed, simple to replace.

Replace the bolts with stainless steel if they are not already. On the older machines these had a tendency to rust.
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