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StefanoB (original poster)

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ojt wrote:Well, there's something on those gaskets, not saying the gaskets themselves are bad. Also the grease out of the factory isn't something I'd trust too much but I am comparing to Pavoni :) Wish I had done a relube job on day 1..
Ok. I'll lube Everything anyways when I'll get my lube.

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Team HB

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Per IamOiman's suggestion -- Be sure to lube the lever pins and roller bearing and make sure it's turning rather than sliding. See Roller bearing surface of new Elektra Microcasa a Leva showing wear - normal?
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Hi Stefano, any progress with this issue? I seem to have the same problem. I cleaned the piston etc, put some silicone grease on the gasket but essentially no change. Regards Sandor

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StefanoB (original poster)

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Yes the problem has been solved but not by me, and I don't really know how...

Actually my MCAL is still under warranty, I had purchased it online so I've sent it back to the seller, they fix the issue, and sent it back to me.

In their comment they just say they have dismantled the piston and lubed everything... So I think they have done a complete dismantling, not only put some grease on the piston gasket as I did. Works fine since.

I'll inquire more to try to understand exactly what they did, and how to repeat the procedure, that may be of some help in the future (and I haven't really found valuable information on the internet...).

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i also think it was the piston rod and rollers, mine I keep lightly lubricated

you'll love this little machine, steaming is immense, shot quality when dialed in is spectacular

I use a Strietman Basket with 15.5grams and a bottomless portafilter without a screen or a paper screen

water inflow is very strong so a mesh disc like the Bplus 49mm disc or a paper filter works great

Now I used the same strietman basket but with 15gram and the Bplus mesh screeen and shot quality and consistency went way up.

https://www.bplus.biz/products/lower-sh ... uck-screen


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I found a simple solution. If you look at the piston from the top, you will notice that the lever is fixed to the piston, so it can rotate around the perpendicular axis of the piston. It can turn until the roller touches the perpendicular wall of the group assembly and gets stuck. So I cautiously turned the lever back into a position where the roller was kind of in the middle. I also checked the pin that holds the roller and noticed that it was a bit offside. So I centered it with VERY gentle hammering applying a counterweigth on the other side of the piston group. One should also check if the roller turns freely. I gave it some HD40 which is temperature resistant up to 330 Celsius (645 Fahrenheit). The problem went immediately away.

The question is why doesn't this happen on day one. First, the lever does not turn easily since the gaskets of the piston are tight. Second, If your have your machine at a fixed place, say in a corner, you might pull the lever in a slightly slanted way that ends up slowly turning the lever (and the piston). This may take a long time. So it is a good idea to check the orientation of your lever every now and then. Cheers and have a nice coffee all - Sandor
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