Elektra Microcasa a Leva grouphead water flow

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As a new person to levers, in general, I was wondering if this is considered normal behavior from lever machines or my Elektra MCAL. I'm used to super gentle PI's that my BDB offers so I was wondering if this sudden influx of water that would go into the basket is normal. It feels like it would easily cause channeling issues, no? Pressure cycles between 0.8-1.0 bar,
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Looks like mine.

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Looks like my LPP too.
But this is the showerscreen only and you're missing the resistance of the coffee grounds.
With the filled pf in place, the grouphead will fill up with water and you will still get a gentle pre-infusion.


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This is higher pressure super heated water coming in contact with air. In most levers the piston/group itself is the mechanism that drops the boiler water temp to brew temp. So this is normal and more common in dippers.

Just know you can overheat the mcal group easily this way. At same time the first shot is often too cold so a quick flush is good for that first shot.

Here is a video of a Faema Faemina which is not a Dipper but rather the group piston is open to the steam boiler and preinfusion is like cutting a large hole in a steam boiler...shall we say exciting?

4m 20sec in

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Thanks for this video. I had to watch the whole thing to see if there was a reason behind Doug's decision to wear a hazmat suit.

I've been reading some of Dr Pavlis old posts about the MCAL. He said he would do a pump and a half with the MCAL. Doesn't a multiple pump shot potentially suck grinds back into the boiler?

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There is always boiler pressure and the orifice is small so the water will follow the path of least resistance through the puck.

Now with the Faemina a careful handle of the lever is needed not to create turbulence that could cause some of the dissolved coffee water to float into the boiler but even if it does cleaning it out is so easy.