Elektra Microcasa a Leva - Broken plastic bits in boiler!

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Decided to de-scale the boiler of my Elektra MCAL after years :)

I was surprised to hear rattling and after filling the boiler and shaking it upside down a few times, I was surprised to see a lot of hard broken black plastic. Looks like something broke inside? The machine works fine, any idea of what that could have been?


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When descaling, sometimes some of the scale sloughs off in chunks. Are you sure it's plastic?

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Good thought on the scale chunks, Nunas. I'd ordinarily guess (based on heavy scale photos) that those would look grey/white rather than black but I suppose with age and oils they might give the appearance of black plastic?

If that isn't the case, I'd suggest looking at the parts diagram and seeing if any of them match color and shape: https://www.1st-line.com/technical-supp ... 2010-2018/

A quick look at the boiler assembly would make me wonder about the heating element gasket but it's hard to say without pictures.

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It's definitely hard plastic

Interestingly enough, after descaling, the water looks clear but it taste as if some lubricant gets into the water :|

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#5: Post by baldheadracing »

That looks like it could be a piece of the plastic boiler cap to me.
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I agree with the broken cap piece theory there are no other parts in there that will be like so
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I did replace the boiler cap so I'll take that explanation. To me it didn't seem to be missing chunks though, I threw it away days ago so can't confirm, oh well.