Elektra Microcasa a Leva additional spring

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Hi everyone!
I own a current production Elektra Micro Casa a Leva.
Do you recommend adding an additional spring ?
Where I can buy one?
Thanks in advance

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I will try to dig up a thread for you. I do recall our mcals (I have a current generation) are around 7bar and spring settles at around 6-6.5 bar.

A friend added a second spring to his Cremina SL (also a 6bar machine) and felt a significant improvement.

Napoli (original poster)

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Thanks Jason
Where did your friend buy the second spring?
Maybe they sell MCAL's spring too.
Thanks again

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#4: Post by HB »

truemagellen wrote:I will try to dig up a thread for you.
This one? Additional spring for Elektra Microcasa a Leva [VIDEO]
Dan Kehn

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#5: Post by truemagellen »

That's it thanks Dan


#6: Post by GFride »

One source for springs in the US is McMaster-Carr. They have an excellent resource for searching by various attributes: outside diameter, inside diameter, wire thickness, length, etc. Also, there is Sodemann Springs. I think they are located in Denmark, but ship world wide and have dedicated websites.

You will need to know the material, length, and inside diameter of your current spring and the diameter of your piston rod in order to determine the spring you'll need.