eBay Olympia Cremina record?

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#1: Post by mogogear »

greg moore

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#2: Post by TUS172 »

Did anyone else track this one?
USED OLYMPIA CREMINA CAPPUCCINO/ESPRESSO MACHINE/MAKER $1,261.50 was the auction close! Now I don't feel so bad about my purchase. It was a cremina that was produced in 1988.

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Bob C.
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#3: Post by espressme »

mogogear wrote:$1,261!!
Wheew, and I thought I paid plenty!. Bet it didn't come with a gasket kit or hand holding either! :lol:
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#4: Post by Fullsack »

No Olympia badge and it didn't seem to be in as good of shape, (it was used in a restaurant), as the '86 that will auction tomorrow. Expect this record to be short lived.
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#5: Post by prof_stack »

Yeah, I followed that one. It sat at $499 with no bid until the last few minutes. Then all heck broke loose! I have to think that the ebay bidding disease took over and they just "had" to have it.

Hey, there's another one for sale with current bid at $440. It'll be fun to watch it.

Hmm, I wonder when the Sama/PV Exports will be a cult classic! :lol:
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#6: Post by wmfamily »

I was looking at that machine too and thought that I was going to bid but the price went from $500 to over $800 in seconds. When it hit the $1000 mark and kept going I was wondering if I missed something in the description, like being made of gold or something.

Too rich for my blood but I hope whoever bought it enjoys it.



#7: Post by lino »

This is starting to remind me of the market for high end sports cars in the 80's....




#8: Post by Cathi »

I watched that one myself since day one, wondering if there was obviously something wrong with it that I was missing (bcuz nobody was bidding). Couldn't believe what happened in the last few seconds - AMAZING! Hope Fullsack got a good one. Wish I had an endless supply of cash and could play in the big leagues, oh well.....

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#9: Post by prof_stack »

Cathi wrote:AMAZING! Hope Fullsack got a good one. Wish I had an endless supply of cash and could play in the big leagues, oh well.....
Would that be our own Fullsack from this forum? If so, spill the beans guy! Give us the second by second account of how it went down! :wink:
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#10: Post by peacecup »

Well they do cost 2K+ new. Used ones were going for <$400 two years ago - I guess I should have invested. Oh well, back to the old spring lever...

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