Drip tray pop/buckle on Profitec Pro 800

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#1: Post by TonyP »

Is it normal for the drip tray on the Pro 800 to pop/buckle when hot water is flushed onto it? I have uploaded a short video. The sound on the video doesn't really do it justice, it's quite loud. Made me jump the first time it happened.


#2: Post by belegnole »

lol, probably not. I haven't see metal memory like that in quite some time though. You could check with the people you purchased it from to see if you could get a different one.
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Mine definitely does not do that, fwiw!
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You can probably stress relieve it

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What, give it some Prozac?
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Just a light massage will do. Play some relaxing music. Start with pouring a little red wine on it to get in the mood.

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#7: Post by redbone »

Had a kitchen sink that did that.
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#8: Post by TheMadTamper »

That's it, Pro 800 is off my list! :mrgreen:
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#9: Post by maxbmello »

Mine does it occasionally when flushing a bit of water. Never really concerned me all that much since the espresso is so good :D


#10: Post by TonyP »

TheMadTamper wrote:That's it, Pro 800 is off my list! :mrgreen:
Not so fast! I contacted the shop that I bought it from and they suggested taking the tray off and pushing it permanently into the down position. I put about half my body weight onto it and it didn't seem to budge, let alone "pop". I flushed hot water over it afterwards, and no pop! I've tried at least a dozen times since, and it hasn't popped once. It was doing it every time before.