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Also, lever handle shape! Straight handle like that works well when the travel is higher up (eg: above the grouphead on a La Pavoni), but I think with this lever sitting closer to the countertop/waist height (well, waist for me at 6'), the end of the stroke may be awkward. Might need a different shape to help "press" through the end of the shot, not pull...
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John Michael Hauck (original poster)

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mwynne wrote:It's a delicate balance between keeping it compact and keeping hands away from hot spots and edges!

Longer lever would help to some extent, but then size is affected. Lever mounted above the machine also would help, but you'd lose the compactness. Maybe offsetting the grouphead more to the left?

Would you have any concerns about stability with the lever set off center? If not on a normal shot, what about when someone chokes the machine and needs extra effort to pull the shot before removing the portafilter?
An off-center group-head? Goodness! Seriously that would help. Or just widen the entire package. The lever inside the legs, so there should not be any tipping moment. Of course it is very close, so, it could happen I guess. As for choking the machine, the user could abandon the shot by pushing in the brew button. All the residual pressure would be dumped to the drain, so no sneeze. By the way, the front of the feet extend pretty far compared to other levers, so forward tipping is reduced.


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Ah yeah, if upping the size a bit would be on the table then that definitely would help with clearance!
Good call on keeping the lever within the footprint, that certainly would keep stability sorted.
Pressure relief, perfect!
I do think a bit more thought into lever ergonomics would be valuable, but clearly you've put plenty of thought into this so far!
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John Michael Hauck (original poster)

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So I've made some ergonomic changes based on the feedback here and elsewhere.
The overall dimensions remain at 250mm wide, 300mm tall, 325mm deep.
  • The radius of the enclosure is reduced from 30mm to 8mm.
  • The distance between the supporting legs is increased as a result.
  • The grate and drip tray are widened because the legs are further apart.
  • The pump is moved further right, as it is mounted on the top of the right leg for stability.
  • The lever moves further right with the pump, helpfully further away from the cup.
  • The manometer on the right is displaced by the lever, finding a new home on the left.
  • The water level indicator is displaced by the lever, swapping places with it.
  • The temperature displays are moved a down to make room for the stacked manometers.
  • The steam wand moves to the top, making the steam pipe much less complicated.
Thanks for the feedback so far.


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So when can I order one ;)
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And do you ship to Europe.... :P