Drainage issues with the Profitec Pro 800 V2?

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I was about to buy a Profitec Pro 800, calling a couple of retailers to choose which one I wanted to buy from, and one of the sales people said that they were having problems with the drip tray when attached to a drain line. Specifically, he said that the hole in the drip tray is not aligned with the little catch cup that attaches to the drain hose.

Do any of you have a Pro 800 V2 attached to a drain line? What is the deal with this? I really don't want to have to empty a drip tray forever because of a dumb issue like this.


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I'm reasonably sure that even if that were the case that you can easily adapt a silicone hose between the drip tray and plastic drain box that would suffice.

I would not let a small detail like that derail me from my chosen machine if that's the only issue.
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Having just received a new Profitec Pro 800 V2 I can confirm that the hole in the drain tray does not line up with the provided catch basin. This is true in either of the 2 mounting position options. The drain hole completely misses the catch basin with the drain pipe pointed to the rear of the machine and if the catch basin is rotated 90°, so the drain pipe points to the right side, the hole in the drip tray lines up 50/50 on the rear edge of the catch basin. Obviously, someone screwed up. My plan is to make a simple spacer plate that will set the catch basin back from the front by about 1".

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Thanks for confirming. It sounds like it's a fairly easy mod, but it's totally unacceptable for the customer to have to jury-rig a fix like this on a $3k+ machine. Have you been in touch with the seller about the problem? Did they make an effort to resolve it, perhaps in coordination with the manufacturer?


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Yes, I have been in discussion with the Tech Dept at Clive Coffee. They have been in discussion with Profitec and it seems that the problem exists on an entire production run. There is no fix or plan at the moment but it is understood that the tray was welded into the surround backwards. This weekend I 3D printed a spacer that will correctly position the catch basin. I suspect Profitec's "fix" will be something similar.


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Appreciate this thread. I am plumbing my machine (received yesterday) and bumped into this same issue tonight. Agreed the best solution is to make a quick adapter. Trusting Profitec will resolve this next run.


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If any one is in need, I can print spacers. I'd have to figure out what they cost me to make and what shipping would be. Payment could be PayPal or Venmo. In addition to the spacer you would need a pair of screws, washers and nuts - stainless steel preferred - available at you local home improvement store.


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My drip tray from a machine purchased late October 2022 is about 11cm OC from the front inner wall, measured looking down with the tray in place.

Do I have a wonky version?


Looks backwards to what I have...

Thanks for the report!



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I believe you do have a wonky part. If your drain hole is closer to the back edge of the tray than to the front edge, you have a wonky part. The Clive link shows what the part should look like - the drain hole closer to the front edge.


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Am I old fashioned -- I would think the manufacturer would remake the trays correctly and supply gratis? Doesn't make me want to buy a Profitec. Doesn't sound "professional" or "tech".