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Agreed. Of course some percentage of owners will never experience the issue unless they plumb the drain. Still others might ruin their tabletop, cabinets, floor, etc not realizing the hole in the drip tray misses the basin/box and hot drainage goes everywhere. I would think/hope that the retailers will represent their customers and get Profitec to do the right thing.

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Just to close the circle on my purchasing experience, here's what happened:

When I spoke to Whole Latte Love, the salesperson was aware of the issue and said that they were shipping the machines with a spacer to align the catch basin with the hole in the drip tray (probably similar to what poster rsc printed), which she said Profitec supplied to WLL. She even sent me a photo of the part. This convinced me to buy from them rather than Clive -- Clive was impressively transparent, but did not offer a solution.

Anyway, when my machine finally arrived, the spacer was missing! After a bit of a runaround and a few weeks of waiting, WLL finally did send me the spacer. It's just an aluminum place with four holes drilled (two of them tapped) in the appropriate places, and bent a bit to offset the thickness of the plate.

It works just fine. I don't know how many more machines in the messed up production run are still in inventory, but at least one retailer is offering a satisfactory solution right now.

That said, I agree that Profitec should have been shipping replacement drip trays at no charge. But what do I know about customer satisfaction or whatever.

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considering how hard ECM / Profitec lean on "build quality" as their competitive advantage, I would have expected them to ship a corrected replacement.


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Unless WLL gave you directions to attach the "plate" in the way you have, IMHO you have it upside down or backwards. If the hole in the drip tray was positioned as it should, the catch basin would be bolted to the top of the frame, not the bottom. So, the plate should be attached to the top of the frame with the step down to account for the material thickness. Make sense? The difference being that the top edge of the catch basin is closer to the bottom of the drip tray. Or, you could keep the plate attached to the bottom of the frame, but flipped so that the catch basin attaches to a raised platform formed by the plate.

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You're right, I actually noticed this when I posted the pic. The plate goes above the machine's frame, and then everything lines up.

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Same problem.

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