Does La Pavoni test the machines in factory?

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Hi guys, I'm a total newbie to the world of espresso.

Recently I found a sale on Harrods and made an impulsive purchase of a La Pavoni Europiccola(I don't even have a proper grinder for espresso yet lol).

When the machine arrived today, I noticed some water drips in the water level indicator, and found water in the boiler afterwards. Am I being ignorant that it's just the machine undergone some functional tests in the factory? Coz some fountain pen companies do test their pens before delivery(Sorry I know it's a weird analogy but I can't think of a better one). Or is it some random refurbished returned machine?

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Kaffee Bitte

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They test every machine at the factory. Fill the boiler, check it is working and all seals are good. Nothing to worry about here.

Figure out your grinder and you are going to have some fun.

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Instantcoffee (original poster)

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Thanks a lot for solving the mystery! It actually makes sense but I was just skeptical. :oops:
For the grinder I'm considering a Kinu Simplicity. Will make my first cup of espresso after gathering all the necessary tools!