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My Strega is plumbed in with the flow restrictor set to about 2bars. Line pressure preinfusion gets extraction drops in 15-20sec.
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Londinium L1 with Pstat set to a high of 1.3. This varies by beans and grind, but I see drops in anywhere from 5 seconds to 30. I have seen longer, but it's not typical for me. Longer would be a fine grind on a light roast. I hope that longer wetting time mellows harsh acidity, but as baldhead racing notes, it's mainly to ensure I have enough volume to hit my target ratio.
For the medium or medium/light coffees I drink most commonly, I'll see drops in the cup between 10 and 20 seconds. I may hasten this, as the OP describes, by releasing and retarding the lever to gain a little pressure. Variance also occurs if I start brewing at the top or the bottom of the deadband, though I make that decision less by pressure, and more as a gesture towards brew temperature or whether I'm feeling rushed to get out of the door. 8)
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