Differences in the Sama and Ponte Vecchio Export portafilters

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Hi! First time posting but been doing lots of reading here but mostly just mess around in the garage by myself.

I have a Sama Export and have been enjoying dialing in with my RR45 grinder that is sporting Ditting swift Marzocco ceramic burrs.

I got lucky and the machine was in fantastic shape when I got it, the old owner even set me up with a tool to remove the piston for maintenance.

Previously I was using my modified Delonghi machine, which with a PID and depressurized/bottomless portafilter was giving me good results. When the Sama came for sale I got excited for better designed upgrade.

I grew to miss my bottomless portafilter though. I searched for 45mm baskets and portafilters for a few months without luck until finally I found "lamachinadelcaffe.com" in Italy. They had some Ponte Vechhio parts listed on their site. I bought 2 baskets and a portafilter from them. It came in and I was able to check the Sama and PV side by side.. pretty close and interchangeable, however the PV basket does not fit the Sama portafilter, but both fit the Sama group head.
I decided to modify the PV portafilter since I'd have 2 baskets for it, so I chucked it in the lathe and trepanned the bottom of the portafilter out.
I attached some photos of the portafilters side by side..
anyway figured I'd share the portafilter side by sides here if anyone was interested!


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Why didn't you buy the bottomless PF in the first place? Going to buy one plus the piston removal tool myself for my DeCarli machine.

RTM (original poster)

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I went back to their website just now and was shocked to see it was in stock. I could swear it said out of stock when I ordered. :o :shock:


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Ah I see.
Well at least you can pride yourself in having done a pretty good job. :mrgreen:

RTM (original poster)

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TynH wrote:Ah I see.
Well at least you can pride yourself in having done a pretty good job. :mrgreen:
Pride was in how the shots were tasting once I could really see if it's dialed in!

I faced the burr carrier and realigned the bottom burr and then was pulling some delicious shots. Was feeling spoiled when they tasted good because they looked good in the making now!