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Nice review. Love the white model!

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mdmvrockford wrote:To OP,
IMHO, I would highly recommend pressure piston gauge to help with baseline (e.g. so that know what 9 bars, 6 bars,4 bars feels like) and for consistency.
I discussed my thoughts in this 2017 thread
Olympia Cremina piston pressure gauge unboxing

Other more experience and senior Cremina users disagree with addition of pressure gauge. I used Cremina (1990 model) as essentially sole espresso brewer 2015 to 2021. I used Gabor's pressure piston gauge from 2017 to 2021. TBH, once I know a bean, I rarely look at pressure gauge.
I left my previous comment unedited but came back to say that upon reviewing the product page again and seeing it costs less than I recall, I simply bought one. I may as well give this a go and see if/how it changes my experience and espressos, in a last ditch effort to sway me from succumbing to my curiosity of the Linea Micra. Wish me luck, the product shipped out almost immediately after I placed the order :)
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