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Maxwell Mooney

#11: Post by Maxwell Mooney »

Might give this a shot with my old rusted chrome base off my EP.
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#12: Post by Carneiro »

Hi, Robert!

What do you think about Electroless Nickel Plating for boilers?



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rpavlis (original poster)

#13: Post by rpavlis (original poster) »

It is possible to plate things with nickel and certain other metals by having a surface catalysed reduction reaction. I believe there are kits sold to do this. The object to be plated with this type of system must be absolutely clean, and usually it has to be given a pre treatment. I understand that the nickel coating is quite durable when made this way.

Perhaps machines with problem spots like the La Pavoni drip tray depression could be given an extra thick coating to prevent their rusting the way they seem to do so often.

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#14: Post by Carneiro »

I have a company here that could do high phosphorus electroless nickel plating on the boiler, so the details of the process would be covered. I wonder if this is worth it for the boiler considering it could avoid any problem with copper and water in both ways - protecting the metal and avoiding any water funny taste.