Converting original Londinium I to an HX

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Anyone have knowledge of doing this conversion? I think I've seen it once before on a youtube video so I know it can be done. There's an HX boiler on buy/sell right now and I was thinking of trying to do this. I know it would result in a plumb in only situation which would be fine with me. Would it be super challenging?

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The Coffee Machinist in Melbourne, Australia converted an original Londinium to either a HX or dual boiler, but I think HX. A very early Londinium owner received a brand new machine which leaked like a seive and had no thermal stability, so had to get it rebuilt. I saw the story under the Australinium or similar. The two parties were unhappy with the situation, one with getting a machine they had to rebuild from scratch, the other about having the story written. I understand the original owner while extremely unhappy didn't want to permanently damage a new coffee business. I have read the story a few times in longer and shorter versions, google Australinium coffee machine and hopefully you will find something of use to you.

Ps just found a short version on this page under Andy's Londinium -

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Correction it was Australium. Here is some more information - ... tion/page4
Start at page one of the above thread, lots of photos

There was also a website maybe the way back machine can help

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Interesting read. Side benefit, I now know why my Salvatore tank fed with the CMA group has a thermosyphon stall after each shot. It takes a split second flush to get it going again, so I can live with it, but I always wondered.
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