Convert portafilter from new to old lever group

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#1: Post by zix »

So, first off, so that everyone knows, I made a Stupid mistake. I was ordering other stuff from Cafelat and decided to order their naked portafilter as well. Beautiful, well made stuff. Now. I have a Bezzera lever from the end of the 80's, with what I thought was a similar group to the group that used to sit in the Idrocompresso machines. It turns out it is not. Here is a comparison of the portafilter in profile:
As you see, there is a big difference in height, where the original portafilter is protruding a lot further up into the group. I guess the shower screen and the gasket are both different on the newer Bosco/Idrocompresso groups.

I would of course like to be able to use this new portafilter, rather than trying to source another naked pf (I don't think there are any with the correct profile on cafelat's website). What, if any, would be a good way to go about fixing this?
Adding an extra stainless ring on top of the rim would be one idea, another one would be to get a different, much thicker group gasket. If that is at all possible.

Any suggestions are welcome.

P.S. It has the old type of shower screen, with flanges.
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#2: Post by civ »

zix wrote: ... made a Stupid mistake.
Well ...
That's the stuff experience is actually made of. ;^ )

It can be worth quite a bit if you have the right kind at the right moment.
But altough it is usually not free, it can at times be very expensive (please don't ask).

Fortunately it is not your case, it's just a bottomless PF.

I suggest you take the loss on what you have paid/will pay on shipping charges and ask the people at Cafelat to send it back.
Explain the situation you are in and see what they can do for you. I'm sure they could probably source the right PF for you and if not, offer a refund.

If for some reason a refund is not possible, spend the money on something else you may need for your lever.
It won't matter too much to you in ~30/60 days and you'll have learned something very important regarding portafilters.

I really don't see the possibility of adapting anything there but you never know.
I mean, if it was something that actually worked and given the myriad of unobtainable PFs out there these days, you'd probably be seeing quite a few 'PF Adapters' in the market.

But you don't ...



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#3: Post by zix »

Oh, the communication with Cafelat is already opened. I surmise I will have an answer soon-ish. I don't really look forward to mailing the pf back again all the way across the globe, in that case I might try selling it (with a loss) to someone locally instead. Or just hold on to it, like with all the previous coffee equipment, good or bad.

Will try to find the old Paul Pratt video where he describes the new kind of shower screen/gasket combo, maybe there is some breadcrumb there.
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#4: Post by guijan12 »

I would indeed send it back, you're in the EU and have your rights.
That may cost you some money, though.

Next to the options you described, you can also buy a machine around it, so that you can start using it. :P :wink:
If that's not an option you can try to design and machine a filler ring that may enable you to use it in your machine. :idea:


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#5: Post by zix »

That was quick, found the one I was thinking of.
He is not showing the old type of portafilter here, so he can't show what happens when you try to lock in a new type portafilter into an old group. But _if_ the old pf not shown is the same type pf that I have, just maybe it would be possible to switch out the old type gasket and the old type shower screen to the new ones? Unless there are differences in the way the group "mouth" is made.

Much cheaper getting an E61 type shower screen and gasket, so I guess it is worth a try. Or I might let the local espresso machine repair shop have a go at it.
Cafelat demo of old and new groups:
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#6: Post by zix »

I am also positive to building or buying a new machine around the new portafilter, of course :D
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