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#101: Post by Dev »

Elliot wrote:I ordered both. Tend to use lighter roasts so wasn't sure if I'd be doing 15-ish on the smaller or try for bigger shots.

Have you tried replacing with the Strietman Shower Screen from IMS as well?
I was originally using medium roasted coffee and I could easily fit 15gm in the small basket.

Someone asked a similar question in the past about he Strietman Shower Screen and its was measured and found to be a no go.
I hope replacement shower screens become available.


#102: Post by nirdvorai »

Dev wrote:I haven't weighed it but I imagine its a less than the stock basket but I believe since the shots are extracting so well it tastes more fulfilling than the other baskets. The only basket that comes close is the original 1981 Cremina basket.

The big Strietman can be very useful also since it can extract the same dose as the small Strietman with the extra headroom and you can get a bit more volume if you desire. I think these two different sized can work harmony depending on the coffee used but I haven't spent as much time on the bigger one and I think I should just to change things up.

Here is another interesting tip bit from my research, it would appear that the deeper Strietman is not out of the ordinary for the Cremina. Apparently some of the earlier versions of the Cremina came with baskets as deep as the Strietman although Im sure they are different in other ways but interesting none the less.
Thanks Dev for your input.
I will wait patiently for mine. Meanwhile I getting to think that 14gram dose will be my standard.
The double shot from 15gram dose fill stronger than the one from my automatic Astoria.


#103: Post by Jasper_8137 »

I received my Strietman baskets today. Both fit my 67 cremina and my club without any modifications. I'm excited to try them out and see if I can tell a difference in extraction compared to stock baskets from Cerini.