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#11: Post by genecounts »

After reading a ton of info prior to 2010 mostly(Ken Fox, Jim Shulman, et al), add one 14G to go with the 18G per above.

This discussion largely focused on using 14G baskets versus 18G in a Cremina. Jim especially touted the advantages of the lower dose for most single origin coffees. This opened my eyes so much plan to pull my Cremina out of storage, dust it off, and try some of his suggestions.

Tried to find a topic on difference between standard baskets and "competition baskets" using the "Search" feature but no luck?


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#12: Post by Whale »

I would be up for 14 and 18 also.
And maybe one larger if one is available.
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#13: Post by mivanitsky »

I would buy VST in 16g and 18g, at least two of each.

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#14: Post by chopinhauer »

Put me down for 2 x 18g if they are made specifically to fit the Cremina (noting the Steitman's don't fit perfectly). Not fussed if VST or IMS.
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#15: Post by /five »

I'd be interested in 14 and 18gr baskets as well for my 2016 vintage Cremina

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#16: Post by thesharpener »

I would be interested in 14g, 16g and 18g baskets.
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#17: Post by RockyIII »

grog wrote:I have the Streitman 14g basket (he wasn't offering the 18g at the time I purchased or I would have gotten that one instead). The basket's OD is about .5mm too large to easily fit the Olympia 49mm groups, but it can be coaxed in. The fit issue is significant enough, though that I wouldn't recommend them for Olympia machines. They fit Pavoni 49mm groups quite well, though. I never use mine with my Cremina or Club due to the fit issues. There's a thread somewhere about it and others had similar experiences, if I recall correctly.

Thank you for the information. I just received some Strietman baskets yesterday, and as you say, they are rather tight on the Cremina. Baskets sized specifically for the Cremina would be really nice.


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#18: Post by grog »

The weirdest thing is that it went in with just a tiny bit of wiggling the very first time I used the Streitman basket on my Cremina - and then I couldn't get it in at all in subsequent efforts. Never could figure that out. I use it on my 1st gen Europiccola, though, and prefer it to the OEM Pavoni double.
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#19: Post by RockyIII »

Is there currently no larger basket that fits a Cremina? I ordered what I thought was a larger Elektra basket, but it turned out to be the exact same basket that came with my Cremina. They are both stamped "LF" and are 23 mm tall. I called Cerini, and they said that both machines come with the same baskets these days. I can get 14 to 14.5 grams, depending on the roaster, in them without getting too close to the shower screen. I would like to be able to try 15 or 16 grams.


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#20: Post by LBIespresso » replying to RockyIII »

I did the exact same thing. I now have 2 of the same basket as well.
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