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#1: Post by Deang »

Just purchased a Comocafe lever machine, unfortunately there was no basket but the original porta filter is present. Does anybody have a picture of the original basket as I am having difficulty fitting a basket.
Prior postings says that a Zacconi riviera 49 mm basket fits but I can't locate one of those either, any suggestions is appreciated.
Thanks Tom


#2: Post by cyclezib »

Strietman and Creminas should work.


#3: Post by JimH »

The Comocafe uses a flat rimmed 49mm basket, so Strietman or Cremina rolled rim baskets would only work if you modified them to flat. The Riviera baskets work, but only the older style flat rimmed baskets, the ones commonly available are the newer 51mm rolled rim baskets.

You might try contacting Zacconi Workshop to see if they have any of the older baskets. Francesco Ceccarelli is another possible source.

Deang (original poster)

#4: Post by Deang (original poster) »

Thanks for the suggestions.
Francesco does not have any of those old
Zacconi baskets.
guess I may need to try and modify a Cremina basket.
Thks Tom


#5: Post by JimH »

Another possibility, I just tried a Microcimbali basket in my Comocafe portafilter and it appeared to fit. When I get a chance I will try pulling a shot to see if it leaks.

Deang (original poster)

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Thank you
Keep me posted