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This post on the FaceBook 'Espresso Machine Restoration' page from yesterday morning is pretty interesting:

I am from that area and I am trying to see if I can visit to see what they have. You will see in the discussion that the seller says they have been importing machines for years and they have other unrestored machines and parts. They also say they want to sell them as a single lot...


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Nice. I'm in the area also. If you buy the lot let me know if you want to move one of the big Cimbali on.

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Looks like there is a 2 group Victoria Arduino Minivat, that would be a good acquisition 8) . Hopefully someone here can get it since I am already in the process of some purchases
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I am curious as heck what else they have in the unrestored category.

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Did anyone go look at these, i had sent her an email about one but they said it was still buried.