Club fantasia - Hungarian gas club lever

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#1: Post by Gustopher »

I've recently moved to Hungary and am feeling the project itch. I've been doing some searching into the 'Casino Mocca' Hungarian built lever machines. Rad Eastern European styles with a ratchet group.

I came across this version today called Club Fantasia. I was interested as it seemed to be a Club style pour over machine. On inspection the thing is commercial size. 8l boiler and not light. The other surprise was no element! Fully gas powered so it seems it was intended for use on the road.

Does anyone have experience with a machine running only gas? presumably boiler temp is regulated with an over pressure valve?

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#2: Post by naked-portafilter »

This would be a challenging project for sure Gus. I fear it is very difficult to find a specialist for such vintage levers.

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#3: Post by drgary »

That's a common mode of heating. I expect it's like controlling the heat on a stove, using the dials and determining heat through the steam gauge. Nice old machine.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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#4: Post by grog »

Looks pretty complete though- both PFs, drip tray, original plexi on the warming tray. Very cool! Did you buy this, or you're considering purchasing?
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#5: Post by zeb »

Gas heating is controlled by a gas pressurestat, as if it was electric. Difference with electric p-Stat is that there is no off position. In zero position there is always a small flame, called a pilot light and that maintain the gas on.

Gustopher (original poster)

#6: Post by Gustopher (original poster) »

That makes sense! I was puzzling how temperature could be controlled with no electricity but of course at its essence a pressurestat is a mechanical switch.
I'm still considering. The gas is very cool but unfortunately means I can't use in my apartment. The unit is very complete and clean. Main concerns would be finding piston seals to fit and making sure the gas train is safe.

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#7: Post by naked-portafilter »

Piston seals shouldn't be real problem either. They produce custom size/made gaskets also:

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#8: Post by gor »

Check the end plate of the boiler, sometimes they have provision to put electric elements in even though it might be configured to operate via gas.

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#9: Post by grog »

I was thinking that too - there have been several rebuild / restoration threads where people added electric elements in similar situations.
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Gustopher (original poster)

#10: Post by Gustopher (original poster) »

I gave into temptation. This will be a slow burn project and i'm going to stick to the original setup. Maybe it will find use as an incredibly unwieldily camping machine!

The group has a lovely self locking system for preinfusion
Unfortunately the right group has sustained a serius knock at some point. The lever arm and locking mechanism pin are bent. I'll machine replacements and fingers crossed there isn't damage to the threads in the group body