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Miltonedgebert wrote:I plan to machine a plastic piston because it does seem like the best solution. I just have a few other projects before I get to it. Also haven't decided what plastic I want to use.
I'd love to read about how you did it, once you've done it.

As you can plainly see I used PVC pipe from the hardware store as suggested by another HB member. It just happens to be the right size. The hardest part for me was drilling the hole. I actually bought a low end Ryobi drill press thinking that I'd have use for it in the future. But it was such a piece of junk (it took hours to get a proper hole) that I returned it to Home Depot in disgust.

The piston worked great but the FDA silicone adhesive wasn't durable. After a few weeks it started to show signs of flaking loose and I removed the piston.