Cafelat Silicone Lever Gaskets - How Long Do They Last?

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Installed mine about 8 months ago. Was literally just thinking my machine is bullet proof. Pulled a shot and the lever returned to resting position. A few seconds later....the dripping began!

When it cools I'm going to pull the piston, but it appears they may have failed!

Machine is a Pro 800 which sees 2 double shots per day.

Anyone experience this?

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Update: Pulled the piston and the seals/gaskets look ok. Maybe needed more lubricant, so I removed them all, cleaned and re-lubed. Everything seems ok now. These are the original red Cafelat piston seals, which I know were revised and are now blue (not sure if that may be part of the issue?).

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Quickmill Achille Gaskets (3 years later)

I got about three years out of mine.
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