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#4671: Post by Ken5 »

Glad it worked out.

You can get the filters from Prima Coffee, and also from Orphan espresso grinders. OE sells top and bottom filters and other robot goodies too. ... robot.html


#4672: Post by mikelipino »

For the bottom of the basket, you can get the 47mm papers (size B) from Good Brothers Coffee. I measured the Robot basket for them, so it should work out well


#4673: Post by Glen »

I use Aeropress filters on the bottom to filter out cafestol and kahweol, which increase LDL cholesterol in your body, which is potentially bad for the heart. On the other hand, I think filtered coffee reduces also coffee's anti-cancer potential... I seem to recall having to grind more finely grind when I started using the filters. You also lose the gorgeous dark spotting on top of the shot, but it still tastes good.

The EK Tools 1.75" circle punch, model 54-31002 (~$15) works like a charm to cut the filters to the right size. Doesn't take very long to cut a whole package of filters (350).


#4674: Post by mbroder »

Has anyone tried these? ... UTF8&psc=1

I am still having issues getting consistently good espresso and I am hitting my head against a wall. Wondering if these cheap papers could have anything to do wit it?

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#4675: Post by mborkow » ... tails&th=1

I just got this scale. Fits perfectly between my Robot's legs. I'll test out the auto-timer tomorrow AM but it tared itself correctly after I placed my cup on it. I currently have a Weightman that I like a lot but this feels like a step up.


#4676: Post by ojaw »

What brand is it, only available on amazon?


#4677: Post by mixespresso »

I have that scale too, which I bought from AliExpress. It fits, looks and works great

I am not using the auto-timer though

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#4678: Post by Ken5 »

Can someone check for me to see if your professional basket is not out of round? Easier to notice if you spin the basket in your closed hand, or compare it to your screen as in the photo below. In the photo the screen was about halfway up in the basket.

I have noticed from the start that my professional basket was not totally round, more wavy like along the walls. Noticed it while spinning the basket in the towel while drying. Never was an issue till yesterday.

Yesterday I got the self level tamper as a present and the different inside diameters along with the three sided POM material of the tamper makes it stick in the places that are pressed in and loose in areas protruding out a bit. Spinning the tamper it gets stuck in the obvious places. The problem, as I don't normally spin it, is that half the time I have to yank that tamper out of the basket after using it. My pressurized basket does not do this as the walls are true.

I am wondering if I got a defective basket, or if the pressurized basket is rounder due to the roundness of the second bottom being a perfect form.

If all the professional baskets are slightly wavy then I don't want to buy a second basket.

Here is a photo that shows the tight gaps of the sides of the professional basket as compared to the round screen. The pressurized basket basically has an even gap all around.




#4679: Post by jpender »

Nothing is perfect but mine is pretty round, not like yours.

And it's not like I haven't dropped it or anything.

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#4680: Post by Ken5 replying to jpender »

Thanks for checking John! Yeah my pressurized basket in not perfect either, but it is good.

Never dropped mine. :(