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#4651: Post by baristainzmking »

I love the red one. ;).


#4652: Post by ojaw »

I believe most of us love the one we're with.
Mine's blue.

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#4653: Post by MB »

If I didn't have the polished aluminum one, I'd get the red one because life is too short to care what others think. But, since you're asking, get the black one. Just kidding, I like them both and would have a hard time choosing.
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#4654: Post by Jonk »

It's difficult to judge from pictures. I didn't really like the green color, so bought a white to replace it.. But kept the green in the end. If you don't have the opportunity to see the colors in person, you'll just have to guess.

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#4655: Post by bringyoutomyhell »

I was lucky enough to get a cream white before it was discontinued. I don't really like the matte grainy texture of the black one. I would probably get the red now. It's a color that fits well with coffee and coffee equipment in general


#4656: Post by jedovaty »

Back to coffee after 5 year hiatus. User experience follows: there's an earlier video in this thread where Paul casually pulls a shot without any effort or meticulous prep and that was most convincing. Although dialing in an OG hg-one is a pain, thankfully the barista robot is very forgiving :) I put the spout on in frustration after multiple spritzes sprayed my glasses, in order that I wouldn't fall into chasing the grind trap. It does get in the way with using a scale + cup, so I put the scale aside and took a more casual approach to the whole routine.. eyeball by volume, don't count the time, no muss, no fuss, works surprisingly well. I'm generally against ignorance but here it is helpful! :mrgreen:

Level tamper is most useful! Bamix makes good microfoam.

Finally, if I were making beverages for more than one person, I'd definitely get more than one basket.

I've modded my robot with the only one and necessary mod.
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