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#4531: Post by mikelipino »

I bought a Robot from Cafune, and a friend more recently got a Lagom Mini from them. They're legit and quite nice to buy through. They shipped to Chicago fairly quickly if I recall


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Also bought mine from cafune. Fast shipping and extremely well packed with my extra accessories too. Will be selling it soon though since I just got a Strietman :lol:

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#4533: Post by Ken5 »

I ordered mine from and they were great to deal with. Be sure to sign up for their ritual rewards before ordering as the purchase of only the robot will get you close to a discount code on future orders.


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wormraper wrote:I didn't have the ability to sift through 453 pages, but I have my finger just ready to hit the order button on a Robot Barista, but wanted to verify that the place i was getting it from is an "authorized dealer" and legit, or gray market.

looking around it looks like straight from Cafelat store for $100 shipping, or Primar coffee here in the states who is constantly out of stock of the barista model.

however, I noticed that has $10 shipping to the states and with their 10% off coupon code I have lying around it comes to about $380 USD (515.80 CAD) right now. I just wanted to make sure wasn't some gray market dealer and would void the warranty if I went through them as I just had never heard of them ...didn't want to save a few bucks and screw myself, but at the same time didn't want to overpay if I didn't have to.
I've ordered a few things from Cafune with great experiences each time. Ordered the SSP Cast burrs, nanofoamer, brewers, filters, etc. Think you can safely order from them. However, I'm in Canada and haven't experienced their international shipping. Hope it works out well! The Robot is fun and built like a tank

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#4535: Post by Ken5 »

I am in USA and got my order is just 3 days, Cafune charges $10.00 to ship to USA per order.

A Cafune does not have as good of a return policy as Prima though. Prima no questions asked, not so at Cafune and they charge a restock fee.


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Didn't get my Robot there, but have happily ordered from Cafune in the past.


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well, thanks for the confirmation of them being GTG

I ordered a red Robot Barista version (with the professional basket), spare screen (since I hear that's the weak spot) and a commandante MK4 for $616.23 after my 5% credit card rewards for using my card through paypal. ... $240 for a commandante and $376 for the Robot + extra screen seems fair to me since the MK4 alone is $325 in the states!!

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I have a Comandante and it's a little slow for espresso grind. Also you'll need Red Clix for best results in dialing in. Honestly, since that German manufacturer ALLEGEDLY is claiming copyright claims over other manufacturers (just google or search on reddit), making them unavailable from Europe distributors, I stopped caring for that brand. I'd rather have a 1Zpresso JX J-Max (or K series if you also do pourover) or Kinu, or anything else really. I plan on selling mine.


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I actually won't be using the Commandante for the Robot. that was just because i wanted to add it to the collection. It's 30 micron adjustment isn't too hot. the 20 microns of my K-max will do me until I can get a Niche Zero or a J-max (most likely the J-max as I really like 1zpresso's line... I kinda have 3 of them lol)

and yeah, I actually stumbled upon the whole Commandante debacle reddit thread this morning AFTER I placed my order. Kind of sleazy of them if what is being said is true. Kind of annoyed that I didn't see it earliier, but being that I'm a slight collector of things, I'll just write it off as another grinder to compliment my pourovers.

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Hehe, then it's all good, I see you're a man of culture as well *sips whiskey*