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ojaw wrote:Thanks - with a dark roast like that is all that preheating necessary?
No, not at all. I just like my espresso piping hot so I can enjoy it over a longer period of time. So I like to preheat the spouts and my cup to be very hot.


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Did something stupid -- Half asleep I attempted to pull a shot without the disk on top of the ground coffee so some wet coffee ground muck went in the hole in the piston where the pressure gauge gets it reading from. I attempted to clean it out with a rolled up piece of paper towel - but should I be concerned? Should I pull the piston and attempt a better cleaning or not worry? The pressure gauge seems to work. Help! Feeling like an idiot!!!


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The tube can apparently break if you try to remove it from the fittings, so one way to avoid replacing it is to unscrew the top fitting from the gauge and flush it with water from there.

I believe old gunk won't find it's way down into the cup, but still feel better knowing that my tube is more or less clean. One reason for using a paper filter on top of the puck.