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#4331: Post by yakster »

I put the tamper in the arm when I'm done with the shot and let the weight of the tamper pull the arms down while I enjoy the shot.

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#4332: Post by ojaw »

I clearly have more time on my hands, plus I also use the mitts.


#4333: Post by jpender »

I wouldn't think the pin would bend just from the weight of the arms and mitts. Did you feel it or hear it happen?


#4334: Post by ojaw »

Hard to say when it happened, though the arms stopped descending at one point, and they've never done that before. I pushed down lightly, felt some resistance so I backed off, raised the arms and removed the portafilter as usual, which was when I noticed the damage.


#4335: Post by jpender »

I'll bet it was when you pushed down after it stopped. The weight of the piston/arms only delivers around 5lbs of force which the pin could likely deal with. But when you start pushing the arms, the leverage is something like 8:1. It would be easy to crack nuts with your Robot.


#4336: Post by ojaw »

Possibly, but this was very light pressure, fingertip almost. And like I said, I stopped as soon as resistance was encountered.


#4337: Post by jpender »

What else accounts for that resistance? Fingertip pressure is maybe 1lb which gets amplified to ~8lbs. Add in the weight of the system and that puts you into the 10-15lb range. That little pin cocked at an angle probably isn't so hard to bend.

We'll never know.

I do the drain in the sink thing, even pressing the screen with my fingers to squeeze out the liquid so I have a nice dry puck. I think that makes bending the pin very, very unlikely since it most likely occurs after the screen is upset by the end of the shot pressure change. But even if you damage a pin, so what? You could fix that screen, buy a new one for $10, use paper filters. It's nothing.


#4338: Post by ojaw »

Well if you reread my first post on the subject you'll see that I'm not concerned.
I always let the arms fall on their own as I never make more than one shot at a time - this situation of the arms stopping midway down was new to me, and the only reason I pushed on them.
It's all good.


#4339: Post by km6064 »

Hi guys, sharing a little pressure gauge mirror viewer thing I designed. Taken longer to tweak and make not too ugly (in my eyes) than I want to admit, mainly out of my phobia of moving my robot's gauge successfully.

Pretty happy with it been using it for a month or so and perfect for keeping an eye on the pressure from above. Just slides on, it's snug and can see the gauge easily through the shot. Depends a little on how much you fill the basket with water but can easily rotate it to get the perfect position (despite it being backwards and upside down!)

Thought this would be the right thread to post in as have learnt so much here and still loving my robot after a few years now!

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#4340: Post by sergiyr »

How clever! I would love to try this; are you selling any?